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Testimonials: Women Take Hemp CBD To Fight Stress And Chronic Pain

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

A few years ago, CBD entered our country. And this "weed" arrived with its share of promises: devoid of THC – the substance that makes stoners – CBD would have the effect of calming pain due to chronic and inflammatory diseases, migraines, and stress-related discomfort and anxiety attacks. Since then, millions of people have used CBD for therapeutic purposes, while others cry wolf over what they consider hidden drug use.

All over the world, you read positive reviews and testimonials on women and men using CBD for stress and pain.

Doctors are divided on the CBD issue. Opinions differ among health specialists: some doctors consent to their suffering patients turning to cannabidiol for its natural virtues, while others strongly advise against it. The latter see the door open to a potential – or future – addiction in patients who can no longer do without their dose of CBD. And since no doctor agreed to answer our questions, we decided to give the floor to women who consume this hemp extract for therapeutic purposes. They tell us about their experience without taboos or jargon.

Nancy, 29: "It's as if I was able to take a step back from my professional situation." Nancy has just had burnout and uses CBD to reduce the intense stress she is currently suffering from: "After having experienced months of harassment from my employer, I broke down. It's as if the vase had overflowed, and I was going through everything I had accumulated at once: anxiety attacks, rumination, insomnia, and intense stress. I was in such distress that my doctor put me on sick leave and prescribed me anti-depressants and sleeping pills. I sat on my couch watching Netflix for over a month, and I could not do anything else! One day, a friend told me, a bit of a joke, that I should smoke a little joint to relax.

For me, no question about taking it, but his reflection pushed me to find out about CBD. I wanted to put my anxieties 'off' without taking anxiolytics. And I must say that the results were not long in coming: when I use it, it's as if I managed to take a step back from my complicated professional situation as if my feeling of distress was gone. Since then, I have stopped the anti-depressants, and it is going quite well, thanks to the CBD. I have not yet stopped sleeping pills because my nights are still complicated without this help, but my days are much more serene since I allow myself CBD from time to time".

Franki, 37: "CBD relieves my arthritis pain."

Franki uses CBD to relieve rheumatoid arthritis from which she has suffered for more than two years: "I started having arthritis attacks two years ago. Frankly, I did not imagine that one could suffer from this kind of ailment at 37 years old, but the truth is that I had terrible pain all over the joints. Sometimes it was unbearable! My doctor prescribed me a drug with a burdensome dosage with side effects: extreme fatigue. My life changed: I felt diminished and felt the disease deep in my body. So much that I felt like my life was slipping away from me. The icing on the cake, the treatment did not work. We then tested another, yet another, which unfortunately did not work anymore to calm my pain.

Then one day, a friend with ankylosing spondylitis told me about CBD. She entrusts me to consume it to calm her ailments. And there is the revelation! I have so much less pain! In all honesty, since I use CBD, I live again. He gave me back my body, my life! I stopped all heavy painkillers such as cortisone and only kept essential treatments to cure the disease. Because, of course, cannabidiol does not cure the disease, I can tell you that it relieves my arthritis pain and that I could not live without it! Since then, I have also specialized as a naturopath, and I take care of people who, like me, suffer a lot. Doctors refer patients to me to help relieve their pain with CBD. It's my fight to make sure that the patients have a slightly more comfortable life and find a life without pain".

Emma, 25 years old: "CBD soothes my pain related to endometriosis."

Emma has had endometriosis for several years. She found relief thanks to CBD: "I have lived with pain forever, or at least since I got my period. I was a teenager, and I was given the pill to overcome this problem without looking further. But taking hormones confronted me with a lot of side effects. So I stopped taking it, and that was the start of the ordeal. During my periods, I had incredible pain and even hemorrhages. But when I went to see the doctors, they didn't take me seriously. Even my relatives thought I was exaggerating. Then one day, a friend told me that she had endometriosis and recognized herself very much in my suffering. So she advised me to go for exams. That's when I have diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. But if they finally put words to my suffering, they didn't give me any solutions. I was left quite alone with this diagnosis.

I continued to take painkillers, but I was at a stage of profound fatigue because of my doses. The problem is that if I stopped them, my pain would be unbearable. I had reached a point of no return. It was then that I started to learn about wellness solutions to manage the pain. A woman talked to me about CBD on a discussion group about endometriosis, which started my thinking. Very soon after, I left to live for a year in Montreal, and I met people there who spoke to me very openly about CBD since it is a much less banned substance in this part of the world. I then started by testing hemp CBD oil. And if the result was long overdue, I noticed that it soothed my pain and anxieties about having pain.

During a big pain attack, a friend went to buy me some CBD to relieve me. And there, immediate effect: the inflammation decreased significantly, and I had much less pain. This experience changed my life."- "Remember that this disease is inflammatory and that CBD seems to have soothing properties in the face of inflammation. My latest tests also reveal that my disease has not progressed for two years since using CBD.

For the first time in my life, I felt almost no pain. CBD does not cure endometriosis, but it helps me better manage my pain and crises and, above all, to live almost normally again. I no longer live according to the disease, but I learned to deal with it without being the victim and without pain. I speak to many women in my case on different groups, and more and more of us are consuming CBD for its convincing results on our disease".

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