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3 Reasons Why CBD Won't Work for Everyone

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

You are not alone if you've tried CBD and wonder why it doesn't work. Different explanations can justify that a CBD product does not work.

Man trying to guess what would be his best CBD dosage
You are not alone if you've tried CBD and wonder why it doesn't work.

Understanding CBD's Limitations: Exploring Three Reasons Why It May Not Work for Everyone

1- You didn't give CBD enough time

It would be great if CBD would work right away for everyone. However, it sometimes takes several tries before it builds up in the system and begins to work.

How to improve that?

Above all, be patient! CBD does not work like ibuprofen. You will not feel the benefits within 20 minutes of taking your first dose, especially if you have taken CBD by mouth, such as with CBD capsules. And it might take several days before you feel the effects.

2- You used the wrong type of CBD product

Results will depend on the product you are using, whether it is an oil, cosmetic, or e-liquid. CBD oil may seem expensive, but it is often the quality price (at least for prehemptive CBD 😊). While CBD is almost everywhere today, that doesn't mean it's always good.

Always look for full-spectrum and lab tests on the company website. If you can't find the test reports, you have a 90% chance the CBD oil is not of excellent quality, not very potent hemp CBD.

How do you fix that?

Think about the problem you hope to solve and adjust your method accordingly. A topical CBD balm may be more appropriate if you have a muscle problem. If you need to deal with stress or sleep, CBD oils might be the best way.

3- The CBD dosage is not correct

The effective doses of CBD are individual. Each person is different, and you need to consider your weight, age, and condition. It could also be that your product does not have a high enough CBD content for what you need.

How do you understand that?

Keeping a CBD diary can help you track how much CBD you took, the effects, and what is working for you. You can increase CBD doses every 2-3 days if the expected outcome is not there. Finding the best dosage is not always easy and takes time. Some days you might need more, and some days you might need less 🙂. I always suggest starting your CBD treatment with a low dosage of 3 or 5 drops and increasing slowly until you find your sweet spot.


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