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5 Reasons Not to Buy CBD Cream from Amazon and Why Prehemptive Has a Better Offer

Introduction: When purchasing CBD cream for back pain or arthritis, consumers must know the potential pitfalls when buying from online marketplaces like Amazon. While Amazon offers convenience and a wide range of products, there are several reasons why it may not be the best platform for buying CBD cream. This article will explore five compelling reasons to avoid purchasing CBD cream from Amazon and discuss why Prehemptive provides a superior alternative.

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5 Reasons Not to Buy CBD Cream from Amazon and Why Prehemptive Has a Better Offer

  1. Amazon's Prohibition and the Risks of Scams: First and foremost, the e-commerce giant explicitly prohibits the sale of CBD in any product on its platform. Despite this policy, scammers persistently attempt to sell CBD products on Amazon, raising concerns about their safety and legitimacy. Purchasing CBD oil through Amazon leaves too many unanswered questions and risks wasting your hard-earned money. Moreover, the absence of lab tests and the prevalence of fake celebrity endorsements associated with CBD scams on further underline the platform's susceptibility to fraudulent activity. It's essential to remain vigilant against online scams related to CBD, including those found on Amazon. One example is the recent Fox News scam, where scammers created a fake article resembling, falsely claiming endorsements of CBD gummies by prominent celebrities like Reba McEntire. Such scams mislead customers, peddling false promises and cures for diseases. To protect yourself from deceptive practices and unscrupulous sellers, choose a reputable brand like Prehemptive, offering transparency, reliable products, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

  2. Misleading CBD Concentrations and Skin Saturation Issues: Amazon offers CBD creams with exorbitant CBD concentrations, ranging from 5,000mg to an astounding 1,000,000mg per container. However, this excessive concentration is merely a marketing gimmick. Applying high amounts of CBD to the skin leads to skin saturation or purging issues. While it won't cause an overdose, the skin becomes overwhelmed, and the body's lymphatic system goes into overdrive, resulting in potential fatigue and weakened skin barrier function. Additionally, clogged pores can become a concern. Similar problems arise when applying excessive amounts of Vitamin C to the skin.

  3. Lack of Quality Control: Amazon's platform lacks stringent regulations and oversight on CBD creams. As a result, the marketplace is flooded with products of varying quality, making it challenging to find reliable and reputable options. Prehemptive, on the other hand, prioritizes quality control and ensures that its CBD creams undergo rigorous testing to guarantee purity and potency.

  4. Inadequate CBD Concentration: Some CBD creams on Amazon boast outrageously high CBD concentrations, leading consumers to believe that more CBD means better pain relief. However, scientific studies indicate that the skin has limited absorption capabilities, making it unlikely for the body to absorb the claimed amount of CBD per application. Prehemptive formulates their CBD creams with appropriate CBD concentrations, considering the skin's absorption limitations to ensure optimal effectiveness.

  5. Poor Penetration Benefits: Many CBD creams on Amazon contain ingredients that offer limited penetration benefits, resulting in the oily components of the cream remaining on the skin's surface, potentially being washed away by sweat or other external factors. Prehemptive utilizes advanced formulation techniques to enhance the penetration of CBD creams, allowing for better absorption and targeted pain relief.

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Prehemptive CBD Cream Media Reviews

Conclusion: Amazon's prohibition of hemp CBD products, coupled with the lack of quality control, misleading claims, inadequate CBD concentrations, and poor penetration benefits, makes it clear why consumers should avoid purchasing CBD cream from Amazon. By choosing reputable brands like Prehemptive, individuals can ensure they are buying legitimate CBD creams that adhere to legal requirements, undergo thorough quality control measures, and provide effective pain relief.


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