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Arnica CBD Massage Cream By Prehemptive

The cream's superior effectiveness against arthritis inflammation and pain is a result of its unique blend of Raw Hemp Cannabinoids (#cbd) Extract, #arnica, Calendula, Lemon Verbena, and Sweet Orange #essentialoils, which is infused with organic Shea butter. Always crafted fresh in small batches, our #sports CREAM is made from ingredients that are 100% active, with no fillers and no preservatives, free of parabens, petroleum, or irritating chemicals.

Photo of a jar of Prehemptive CBD Arnica Cream with a flowery orange tree flower and orange fruits for background
Prehemptive Arnica CBD Cream Is Handcrafted In Small Batches

When using PREHEMPTIVE Sports CBD Cream, keep in mind that "Less, More Often" is more effective than "More, Less Often." A little amount of cream will go a long way for daily care.

Suggested Use: Apply a really thin coating to the affected part of the body and gently massage until absorbed. Use a second coating immediately after the first application for acute and chronic pain. When applied, it instantly blends into the skin's pores (precisely what nature intended for body butter), which makes delivery to the targeted area more efficient for faster relief. A little oily at first, the cream absorbs quickly, leaving your skin soft and smooth. 

For individuals with joint discomfort or arthritis, outdoor activities can exacerbate pain and stiffness. Prehemptive CBD cream's treasured family formula incorporates the soothing properties of CBD with anti-inflammatory ingredients like Arnica and Calendula oil. This unique blend provides targeted relief to sore joints, reducing pain, easing inflammation, and improving mobility so you can fully embrace your outings.

Easing Muscle Strains and Sprains:

Playing with your kids or grandkids or being involved in physical activities like hiking, swimming, or playing sports can lead to muscle strains and sprains. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory synergy effects of CBD and arnica in Prehemptive cream make it an ideal choice for alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, and promoting muscle recovery. Apply a small amount to the affected area for targeted relief.


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