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Clearing The Air: The Cannabis Smoker Stereotype Is No More

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The legalization of Hemp CBD or Cannabis gave birth to one of the fastest-growing industries of the past 20 years. Despite its success, negative stereotype lingers after 40 years of the "War On Drugs."

The European company recently studied 5,000 adult cannabis and hemp consumers from North America to understand better the modern cannabis user. Contrary to the outdated "Dazed and Confused" image, today's cannabis consumers are successful, motivated, and health-conscious. According to the study, cannabis and hemp consumers are highly educated — 54% have a college degree or higher — and more are likely to participate in the workforce than the average American.

Cannabis consumers are not just stoners: They are also high-achieving lawyers, software engineers, corporate executives, mothers, teachers, creatives, athletes, and more.

The study also shows that the Cannabis and Hemp customers are female. Conversations about women's health expand to include using cannabis or hemp for relief from menstrual pain, sleep, or stress.

The stereotypes of Cheech and Chong couch potato ordering pizza are gone.

The report suggests that the myth of cannabis users as lazy is simply unfounded. 58% of respondents are physically active, enjoy hiking and sports, and 57% are health-conscious.

These people think cannabis is better for their health than certain prescribed drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, and many consider it a part of their overall health routine.

poster of the film Up In Smoke with Cheech and Chong
Poster Of The Film Cheech & Chong's Up In Smoke


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