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The History of Prehemptive CBD: Empowering Natural Healing through Generational Wisdom

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

The Time My Grandfather's Herbal Recipes Saved My Life...

Hi, I'm Paul, the creator of Prehemptive CBD. Let me share the remarkable journey that led me to develop this transformative product. It all began with my personal experience of chronic pain and the invaluable wisdom passed down through generations in my family.

collage of vintage family photos with photos of the hand written notebook
Natural Healing through Generational Wisdom

The Struggle with Chronic Pain: For years, I battled excruciating pain caused by the strain of holding a news camera on my shoulder. The muscle spasms and arthritis in my shoulder hindered my daily activities, leaving me bedridden and unable to engage in sports or even simple tasks. The burden of medical bills, constant tests, and the harsh side effects of medications further compounded my challenges.

Generational Wisdom Unveiled: The Journey of Prehemptive CBD/ History

A Turning Point: My journey took a drastic turn when the over-the-counter medications I relied on wreaked havoc on my stomach flora. Suddenly, I faced severe dietary restrictions, intolerances to everyday food items, and ongoing pain and spasms. It felt like my freedom had been taken away, and I was determined to find a way to heal myself.

Rediscovering Generational Wisdom: In an unexpected moment, my parents shared my great-grandfather and grandfather's handwritten medicinal notebook with me. My great-grandfather, a chemist specializing in medicinal plants, and my grandfather, a medical physician, had meticulously documented natural healing formulas for topicals, tinctures, tonic wines, and herbal infusions; a handwritten book filled with the wisdom and knowledge and contained over 250 formulations for wildcrafted pain relief creams, medicines, and other natural remedies. As I pored over its pages, I was amazed by the depth of their understanding of medicinal plants and their ability to harness their healing properties. It was a testament to their dedication and passion for natural medicine. I knew I had stumbled upon a hidden treasure that would change my life and the lives of others seeking relief from pain and discomfort.

From Chronic Pain to Natural Healing: Rediscovering Family Recipes

The Birth of Prehemptive: Eager to regain control over my health, I embarked on a journey of experimentation, drawing from the wisdom and recipes in my family's notebook. I became my guinea pig, meticulously crafting and refining formulations that would provide effective pain relief and healing without the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Transformation and Empowerment: Through my dedicated efforts, I experienced incredible changes:

  • I regained the freedom to enjoy various foods in moderation, as I did before.

  • I could engage in activities with friends and family without being constantly interrupted by pain or sickness.

  • I saved precious time and money by reducing the number of doctor visits and reliance on conventional medications.

Sharing the Vision: My journey towards pain-free living, liberated from the destructive impact of pharmaceuticals, ignited a passion within me. I felt compelled to share the life-changing benefits of Prehemptive CBD with others who were also seeking natural healing solutions.

Prehemptive CBD represents the culmination of generations of wisdom and my commitment to harnessing nature's power for healing. Prehemptive CBD has become a trusted ally for individuals seeking pain relief and improved well-being by infusing traditional medicinal knowledge with modern advancements. Join me in this transformative journey towards a healthier, more empowered life with Prehemptive CBD.


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