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Harambe Legacy: Prehemptive's Documentary Support

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Remembering Harambe: How Prehemptive CBD Helped Raise Funds For a Documentary to Honor His Legacy.

Documentary Poster of Harambe, with a photo of Harambe behind bars, film directed by Erik E Crown and Narrated by Peter
Remembering Harambe: How Prehemptive CBD Helped Raise Funds For a Documentary to Honor His Legacy

At Prehemptive CBD, we believe in the power of stories to inspire change and raise awareness. We are deeply honored to have played a role in supporting the creation of the documentary dedicated to Harambe, the remarkable gorilla whose story continues to resonate with people worldwide.

Raising Funds for a Cause:

Harambe's legacy transcends time and boundaries. His tragic story, born out of a fateful day at the Cincinnati Zoo, stirred hearts and ignited conversations about wildlife conservation, ethics, and the responsibilities of humanity towards wildlife. To honor Harambe's memory and shed light on the critical issues he represents, our team at Prehemptive embarked on a mission to help raise funds for a documentary.

In May 2016, the world was captivated by the story of Harambe, a magnificent African western lowland gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. His tragic death sparked conversations about the ethical complexities of wildlife in captivity. Today, we share a unique tale that intertwines the memory of Harambe, a long-lasting friendship, and Prehemptive CBD's commitment to meaningful projects.

A Lifelong Friendship and Collaborative Efforts:

Our brand owner, Paul, and renowned film director, Erik E. Crown, have shared a deep and enduring friendship for over two decades. They've collaborated on numerous documentary projects, exploring diverse subjects, from wildlife conservation to human interest stories. Their shared passion for storytelling and filmmaking has strengthened their bond.

Remembering Harambe: How Prehemptive CBD Helped Raise Funds For a Documentary to Honor His Legacy:

Erik E. Crown embarked on a remarkable journey to create a documentary that pays homage to Harambe's memory and addresses the broader issues surrounding animal welfare and conservation. We are proud to have sponsored this meaningful project, which brings attention to the legacy of Harambe and the importance of preserving our planet's precious wildlife.

Prehemptive CBD played a role in helping raise funds for the production of the documentary, and Paul (Prehemptive's Founder) provided valuable feedback by reviewing rough cuts during its development.

The Upcoming Premiere: Join Us!

We're thrilled to announce that Erik's long-awaited documentary, "Harambe," will premiere on Sunday, September 24, 2023, at 3:00 PM EDT. You can join us in honoring Harambe's memory by attending the premiere through the GATHR APP. Simply click the link below to access the event:

Together, we can ensure that Harambe's memory lives on, not only as a symbol of tragedy but as a catalyst for positive change in wildlife advocacy. We are Prehemptive, and we proudly stand beside you in preserving the wonders of our natural world.


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