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Prehemptive Shines at MountainGate Country Club's Ladies Day Extravaganza In Los Angeles

On a sunny Sunday, November 20th, the grounds of MountainGate Country Club in Los Angeles were abuzz with excitement as Ladies' Day unfolded, creating an atmosphere of sports, leisure, and luxury. Prehemptive was honored to be part of this exclusive event, showcasing our Sports Arnica CBD Cream during this elegant and vibrant affair.

view of the Mountaingate Golf Course In The Santa Monica Mountains
Prehemptive: The club features an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Ted Robinson, as well as tennis courts, a fitness center, and dining facilities. It's known for its scenic views of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts and those seeking a luxury club experience in the Los Angeles area.

The Day Unveiled:

MountainGate Country Club, nestled in the Los Angeles upscale Brentwood community, set the stage for a day filled with tennis, pickleball, delectable lunches, and various vendors offering a shopping experience like no other. Ladies from all walks of life gathered to celebrate and indulge in the breathtaking views of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Prehemptive Takes the Spotlight:

Our booth at Ladies' Day became a focal point for those seeking a touch of indulgence amidst the active festivities. The Sports Arnica CBD Cream by Prehemptive proved to be a star attraction, drawing attention for its potential to provide targeted relief for sore muscles and joints.

poster of the Ladies day at the Mountaingate country club in los angeles where prehemptive showcased their Arnica CBD cream
Ladies Day Invitation - Prehemptive

Highlights of Prehemptive's Arnica CBD Cream:

- Targeted Relief: Ladies had the opportunity to experience firsthand the targeted relief offered by our Arnica CBD Cream—a carefully crafted blend of natural Arnica and the soothing properties of CBD.

- Quality Ingredients: Committed to excellence, Prehemptive ensures that our cream is crafted with the highest quality ingredients, offering a premium product to enhance post-activity recovery.

- Luxury Experience: Amidst the luxury of MountainGate Country Club, attendees indulged in the opulence of Prehemptive's Arnica CBD Cream, elevating their self-care routines with sophistication.

Memorable Moments:

As the Day unfolded, laughter filled the air, and the spirit of camaraderie blossomed among attendees. Whether enjoying a friendly game of tennis, exploring vendor stalls, or savoring a delightful lunch, Ladies' Day became a cherished memory for all who attended.

Prehemptive: Mountaingate Country Club Los Angeles

Ladies eating lunch and enjoying an improvised singing performance
Raffle Time - Prehemptive

Door Prizes Galore:

The anticipation reached its peak as door prizes were announced. Lucky attendees left with smiles and fabulous gifts, making this Ladies' Day a celebration of sports and wellness and a delightful kickstart to their holiday shopping.

Prehemptive setup table where showcased products
Prehemptive Table Before The Ladies Arrived

Prehemptive extends heartfelt gratitude to MountainGate Country Club for the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary event. Ladies Day was more than an event; it celebrated community, wellness, and the joy of indulgence. Until the next gathering, cheers to a day well spent at MountainGate Country Club!


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