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How Do Essential Oils Support The Benefits Of CBD Cream?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

You may have heard about the benefits of CBD cream and essential oils. Most of us use CBD and essential oils separately for their different benefits. But what happens when you combine the two? Essential oils are natural extracts from plants that have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties. They are known to calm and soothe the mind and body while providing anti-inflammatory benefits. CBD cream is a topical cream that is derived from cannabis plants. It contains CBD, or cannabidiol, which is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has many healing properties. CBD cream and essential oils can provide even more relief from inflammation and pain when used together. In the following blog, we’ll expand on how Prehemptive has created the perfect blend for support with these two products.

Essential oils are natural extracts from plants or flowers that have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties. They are known to calm and soothe the mind and body while providing anti-inflammatory benefits. CBD cream is a topical cream or salve derived from hemp plants. It contains CBD, or cannabidiol, a safe, 100% non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis or hemp plants with potent healing properties. In the following blog, I'll expand on how Prehemptive has created the perfect topical blend of full-spectrum CBD and Essential oils.

a beautiful photo of Prehemptive CBD jar with a bundle of lavender and some fresh ginger
Perehemptive Best Seller CBD Cream


Hemp has a long and complex history traced back thousands of years and has been cultivated for various purposes. More recently, hemp was an essential crop in early America and played a role in the industrial revolution. Hemp has been a staple of human agriculture for over 10,000 years. In ancient China, hemp was used to make paper and ropes, and it was also a common ingredient in traditional medicines. However, hemp fell out of favor in the early 20th century due to changing cultural attitudes and political pressure. In 2014 the USDA Farm Bill once again legalized hemp cultivation in the United States. The plant has been shown to contain over 100+ cannabinoids, all with their inherent health benefits for pain, sleep, arthritis, mental health, and inflammation.


Our family legacy began in 1933 on the fringes of Provence, France. For centuries, the locals used hemp for food, clothing, sails, rope, and medicine. Our great-grandfather and grandfather were integral parts of the medical tradition in the region. Their hand-written recipes, inherited in 2015, exist as the genesis of Prehemptive. Inspired by this treasured legacy, we've been crafting hemp CBD products ever since to unlock the best of nature. Hemp has strong potential for our health, and modern technology and access to information are quickly helping fulfill it.

vintage family photo of my great grand father working in his laboratory
My Great Grand Father Working In His Lab In France


Our CBD Cream has become the product of choice by everyone experiencing arthritic pain, muscular pain, joint pain, nerve pain, foot pain, pain due to muscular or sports activities, or just soreness and bruises—and by athletes, trainers, tennis and golf instructors, massage therapists, and medical professionals.

Prehemptive cream's superior effectiveness results from its unique combination of full spectrum Hemp Cannabinoids (CBD) oil, Arnica, and Calendula oil extracts, with Ginger and organic Lavender essential oils infused in organic Shea butter. When combined full-spectrum CBD and essential oils, we see a strong synergy that provides more potent healing properties.

This synergy of ingredients (CBD and Essential Oils) will work together to provide the ultimate relief and support you need in your daily tasks. Most pain relief creams numb or freezes the pain, which is a good placebo with no long-term medicinal benefits. However, an effective CBD cream goes deeper to the problem's roots by targeting and reducing the inflammation that triggers pain. Prehemptive cream works to detoxify the area where you hurt by helping the body purge the excess of nasty toxins and fluids, taking the pressure off the capillaries so oxygen and nutrients can flow back into the cells, and optimizing the body's healing process.

Ultra Fast, Long Lasting Pain Relief

At first, our creams might seem pricy. Still, once you understand their potency and effectiveness, you will quickly realize that only a tiny amount is needed to see results, and the jar will last you a long time. Apply a thin coating to the affected body and gently massage until absorbed. Use a second coating immediately after the first application for acute and chronic pain. Our exclusive brand of Sports CBD cream is crafted with organic shea butter. When applied, it instantly blends into the skin's pores (precisely what nature intended for body butter), which makes the delivery to the targeted area more efficient for ultra-fast, long-lasting pain relief.


The Prehemptive CBD Cream difference lies in our commitment to quality and using only 100% active ingredients with no fillers or preservatives. Our topicals are also free of major allergens, making them safe and effective for everyone, and to protect the environment; our products are made as sustainably as possible. We develop long-term relations with our producers and prioritize short, local channels to source our key ingredients. We also use third-party laboratories to analyze our hemp extracts for potency, heavy metals, microbiology, and pesticides, ensuring that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards. Our creams are always handcrafted fresh in small batches for better quality control.


Remember when everything was produced fresh, with great gusto and deliberation? When didn't you have to examine the fine print on every package nor continually educate yourself about ingredients in mass-produced food, drugs, or cosmetics to navigate the chemical minefield? Nostalgic times, hey? We think so, too – that's why Prehemptive uses old wisdom to capture only the best natural properties of plants and create products for mental wellness, sleep, and pain.

Many people suffer from chronic pain that has developed over multiple years. The only answer most of us know is strong painkillers (Aleve or Tylenol). Often, those painkillers come with a list of side effects that are worse than the pain we were experiencing in the first place. Pharmaceuticals aren't the only answer. Our herbal remedies and formulas harvest nature to cleanse our bodies of pain. By interacting with your immune system, our CBD cream enables a natural anti-inflammatory process that reduces pain holistically throughout the body.

At Prehemptive, we believe that nature knows best. That's why our CBD products are made with only USDA-approved hemp, grown in Colorado, and our essential oils are from organic farms in Canada and France.

We never use pesticides, preservatives, or other harmful chemicals; our ingredients are 100% organic and vegan. Our CBD oils and creams are also completely gluten-free, so you can rest assured that you're getting the freshest and purest possible products.


"We are not medical doctors and are not pretending to be.

We wrote this article based on customers' testimonials."

Does CBD cream help me with pain relief?

CBD cream can be an excellent option for those seeking pain relief. Several studies have shown CBD to reduce inflammation effectively and heralded as an effective treatment for symptoms such as arthritis. CBD cream is also said to help treat other forms of pain, such as back pain and migraines.

Why is CBD cream so popular?

CBD cream is famous because it has similar or stronger therapeutic effects than over-the-counter products for pain relief, without preservatives or dangerous chemicals. Many testimonials show CBD cream can relieve pain from arthritis, muscle aches, and general discomfort. CBD is also very effective in treating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. CBD cream is also helpful with neuropathy problems. CBD cream is safe to use, and there are no known side effects, making it an attractive alternative to over-the-counter pain medications, which can have serious side effects. CBD cream is also convenient; you can apply it directly to the affected area. CBD cream is also non-addictive and does not interact with other medications. The ideal treatment option for those concerned about the potential for addiction to pain medications.

What are the benefits of CBD cream?

CBD cream has many potential benefits for those who suffer from inflammation. CBD cream can help to reduce inflammation, redness, and swelling. It can also help skin inflammation and relieve itching and irritation. Additionally, CBD cream may help inhibit the production of inflammatory cytokines, which could lead to fewer flare-ups and a reduction in the severity of symptoms. CBD cream is a safe and effective way to manage inflammation and pain.

Does CBD cream work immediately on joint pain?

The correct CBD cream has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce joint pain, and CBD may also help improve joint function and mobility. For best results, apply the cream directly to the affected area.

Is it okay to apply CBD cream to treat skin inflammation?

Yes, it's safe to apply. But suppose you're considering using CBD cream to treat skin inflammation. In that case, it's important to note that self-medication is never a good idea. Always consult your doctor first to ensure that it's safe to use CBD in this way.

Does CBD cream help with chronic pain?

CBD cream is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce chronic pain. Additionally, it may also help to reduce swelling and promote healing. Suppose you're considering using CBD cream for chronic pain. In that case, you must consult your doctor first to ensure it's your proper treatment.

Is CBD oil better than CBD cream?

CBD oil and CBD cream are two popular options for treating various medical conditions. But which one is better depends on your individual needs and preferences. Both CBD oil and CBD cream have their unique pros and cons. CBD cream is generally more effective for immediate joint and muscle pain results. People who are not comfortable using CBD oil may prefer a CBD topical. CBD oil has more profound therapeutic effects if taken in the long term. Non-psychoactive CBD oil works on sleep, mood, and pain. After customer feedback, we suggest using an "In & Out" treatment for tennis elbow, arthritis, and chronic pain:

1) "In" therapy with CBD oil for more profound and long-term wellbeing. 2) "Out" treatment with a CBD cream for quick pain relief.

Is CBD cream good for sunburn?

CBD cream can be an excellent remedy for sunburn. The CBD in the cream will help to soothe the pain and inflammation associated with sunburn. At the same time, the organic shea butter will nourish and hydrate the skin. Just be sure not to expose your bare skin to the sun after applying the CBD cream, as this could further irritate the skin.

Pain Relief CBD Cream, No B.S, No Preservatives, Handcrafted With Organic Ingredients, 100 % Natural.

Cautions: CBD creams, salves, or ointments are for external use only. A skin test is recommended before use, and extended sunlight exposure is not suggested. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Do not bring the product into contact with mucous membranes, eyes, or broken skin. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This article is for educational purposes only. These are not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Seek the counsel of a qualified medical healthcare provider before changing or adding anything to your healthcare regimen.


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